Donation information and rules

Thank you for choosing to donate to Sky Ragnarok Online.
Sky Ragnarok Online is completely free to play; however, the donation helps cover the costs of running the server.
Donations are used to pay for server and hosting services, as well as to pay for any server updates, advertising and other server costs.

  • All donations are voluntary.
  • All donations and donation items are non-refundable.
  • Donations do not exempt you from following the rules of the server. By donating to the project, you agree to the above rules.
We accept donations through the following payment systems:
International payment systems (International)
  • Enotpay - Donate with debit / credit cards of the CIS countries and cryptocurrency.
  • PrimePayments - Donate with debit/credit cards from anywhere in the world.
  • PayPal - Donate from your PayPal balance or debit/credit cards. We accept donations from all countries.
In exchange for your donations, we provide you with a special currency on the server: CREDITS.
You can exchange CREDITS for items in the game NPC Donation Shop (/navi prontera 165/205).

Do you need help with donations?

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