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#6240: HD Oridecon

ID 6240
A High Density Oridecon that has been buried deep underground.
Used as a material to strengthen weapons currently from refine levels 7 through 9.
This item's density ensures that refine attempts will not break the weapon and if the attempt fails it will only downgrade by 1.
Can be used by:
Shadow Blacksmithprt_in,63,57,0,100,0,0
Type: Forging material
Weight: 1
For sale No
Identified HD_Oridecon Cost Not for sale
Name HD Oridecon Type Etc
Buy 20 Weight 1
Sell 0 Level 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable No
Attack 0 Min level No
Max level No
Position No
Equippen on No
Job No
Sex Both (Male and Female)
Trade restriction No

HD Oridecon drop from

ID Name HD Oridecon drop chance Can be steal Level Race Element
2812 Blerk 7.5% Yes 255 Demon Level 4 Earth
2801 Derks 7.5% Yes 255 Demon Level 4 Fire
2803 Kaliy 7.5% Yes 255 Brute Level 4 Wind
2800 Kirks 7.5% Yes 255 Angel Level 4 Water
2804 Rox 7.5% Yes 255 Demi-Human Level 4 Earth

HD Oridecon can buy

This item cannot be purchased in the game.

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