Shadow New Hats and Black Friday

by Break on 2022-11-26

  • Halloween Event ended (Halloween Shop available until 11/30/22)
  • New Shadow Shields and Shadow Manteau added to Rudra Shop, WoE Shop, Donation Shop, Shadow Equip Box
  • Added new hats to Donation Shop and Quest Shop
  • The appearance of Prontera has received a new look
  • Black Friday from 11/27 to 11/30/22 (Increased cashback size from 10 to 30%)

*You need to update the client through the patcher.

Shadow Rings

by Scream on 2022-11-03

- New Shadow Rings have been added to Rudra Shop, WoE Shop, Donation Shop, Shadow Equip Box.
- Increased drop rate of Item Option (2%) from Super MvP.
- Added Crystal Stone (1%), HD Oridecon(1%), HD Elunium(2%) to Super MvP drop. (Drop bonuses do not affect the drop of these items)
- Lottery Ticket and Mystical Costume Box have been added to event prize boxes.
- The Halloween Event will end on 11/15/22.

Halloween Update

by Scream on 2022-10-24

  • Updated appearance of Prontera.
  • Added new themed instance Alices Nightmare. The start can be found in the city of Nifelhelm, at coordinates 341 213.
  • Added quest on slots Megingjord. The start of the quest is located in the city of Prontera (182,214)
  • Wrath of Valkyrie has been added to the castle drop, which will be used to create slot rings.
  • Lotti Girl now has a chance to win a Crystal Stone.
  • The Fountain in Prontera now has a Halloween Shop.
  • At night, themed monsters will appear around the city of Prontera, from which you can get coins for the Halloween Shop.
  • Added Anti-Bot to fields around Prontera.
  • In the Junk Dealer event, it is no longer possible to bring loot twice with the same character.

**You need to update the client via Patcher

Shadow Weapon

by Scream on 2022-10-08

  • Added Shadow Weapons to Rudra Shop, Donation Shop, WoE Shop.
  • A Shadow Enchanter has appeared in Prontera's Forge.
  • Added HD Oridecon to Vote Shop.
  • In the auto-collector, the ability to pick up the specified amount of loot has been added.
  • Weight of Earthworm the Dude(id623) reduced from 5 to 1.
  • Updated description of Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed Restock working with pet food.
  • Updated Donation Shop.

*You need to update the client via Patcher.

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