Sky Headgear Sets

by Scream on 2023-02-26

- Added new Sky Headgear Sets. You can get acquainted with the properties at the NPC Quest Shop.
- Iron Maiden has been added to MvP Tristan, Leak, Boitata, Queen Scaraba drops.
- Footprints of Cat have been added to Castle Chest Drops.
- Decreased Sanctuary healing by 60%.
- Improved Atk/Matk rings.
- The Safety Walls event has been optimized

*You need to update the client through the patcher

Sky Sets

by Scream on 2023-02-12

- Added new Sky Sets. You can get acquainted with the properties at the NPC Quest Shop.
- Fixed descriptions for Lollipop and 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth R.
- Color Coin and Aura Coin can no longer be transferred to another player.
- BG consumption now works on all types of BG.
- Paid painting now works on alternative sprites of third professions.

  On Tuesday, 02/14/23, the first WoE will take place on the server!
  Time - 22:00 Server Time.
  The further WoE schedule will look like this:
- Tuesday - WoE 2.0, Castle Horn, 22:00 Server Time.
- Thursday - WoE 1.0, Castle TBD, Time 22:00 Server Time.
- Sunday - WoE 1.0, Castle TBD, Time 21:00 Server Time.

*you can suggest which castle to put on WoE 1.0
**update client via patcher (изменено)

Phoenix Shield

by Scream on 2023-01-29

- Added Phoenix Shield to the server. You can get acquainted with the properties at the NPC Quest Shop or Donation Shop.

- Added Triple Attack to Plagiarism NPC.

- Added Emperium Arena.

- Now, every hour in the afternoon, a chest with valuable items will appear on the PvP Arena.

- Added Guild Dungeon, requires level 25 guild location to access.

- Added the Wheel of the Unknown to the MvP Guild Dungeon drop, which is required for the quest for a new shield.

- Added an expense to the BG Shop that only works for BG.

- Added Auto-event MvP Attack.

- New exclusive costumes have been added to the Donation Shop.

- New costumes have been added to the Old Gift Box.

- Removed Christmas porings from Prontera area. Xmas Shop will remain in Prontera until the end of January, so be sure to spend your coins.

- Updated the database on the site.

Legendary Weapon

by Scream on 2023-01-15

- Added new Legendary Weapons. You can get acquainted with the properties of weapons at the NPC Quest Shop in @go 36.

- Added Hammer of Refine and Power Stone to BG Shop for points

- Removed Power Stone and Hammer of Refine for voting. This store has been abused.

- Added Enriched Elu/Ori to Cash Shop

- Returned refiner for Cash Points to Prontera's forge.

- Fragment of Sorrow added to the drop of the last two mines.

- Reduced the cost of trying to enchant an item with the NPC Enchant System.

- Added several new enchants to Power Stone required for the Legendary Weapon quest.

- Updated Donation Shop.

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