Problems and Solutions

Client setup

1. "Settings are not saved (gives an error) or the patcher does not work"
Uncheck the client folder "Read Only".

2. "After downloading Gepard Shield - nothing happens"
Turn off the sound or select a graphic device (video card) / screen resolution in the Setup.exe settings

3. "The application could not be started because its parallel configuration is incorrect"
Find in the client \Redist\VCRHyb64 .exe. We start, wait for the end and restart the PC.

4. "Unable to change the game resolution in the client"
Uncheck the "Read Only" client folder. Run as administrator.

5. "Crooked screenshots"
Set the screen resolution to a lower resolution in the settings.

6. "The game does not start or there is no choice of resolution"
6.1. Set the compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP 3) if you are using Windows 7/8.
6.2. Windows 7 if you are using Windows 8.1/10.
6.3. Run the client as an administrator.

7. "How to play on macOS"
Easiest way to do this is through a Windows emulator, such as Parallels Desktop.

8. "Pixeled login screen"
Uncheck "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" in Setup.exe settings

9. "Update problems - sky.grf is in use"
Close all game clients. Uncheck the "Read Only" client folder. And run the patcher.

Game moments

10. "How to delete a character"
Enter the E-mail (mail) specified during account registration.

11. "Experience at level 99 is not displayed"
Experience is running, use the @showexp command

12. "Where you can break brunches"
Dead Branch Arena or Guild Location

13. "How to get rid of client freezes"
Use the !vsync command in the general chat

14. " Does chewing gum affect the drop in the mine?

15. "What is the maximum limit of the Asura Strike?"
6,000 SP

16. "What is the maximum client resolution?"
2048x1536. This is the limit for DirectX 7.

17. "Where can I get a working clicker for the server?"
On the client, the Redist folder. Run as administrator.

18. "LVL box 300/LVL Box/Race Coupon affect achievements"

19. "Can items from daily bonuses be used in quests?"

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